Kreativní Mini Happy Cup Zvlhčovač vzduchu Difuzér Esenciálních olejů Aroma Lampa LED Noční Světlo USB Ultrazvukový Fogger Auto Osvěžovač Vzduchu

181.31 Kč 190.87 Kč Zdarma Vrátí

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  • aromaterapie difuzory: Aroma Esenciální olej Difuzor
  • Režim Napájení: USB
  • Původ: KN(Původu)
  • Jmenovitý výkon: 5W
  • Certifikace: CE
  • Nový USB Mini Zvlhčovač vzduchu: Zvlhčování, Aromaterapie stroj,mist maker
  • auto osvěžovač vzduchu: auto čistička vzduchu auto zvlhčovač vzduchu
  • Šťastný šálek zvlhčovač vzduchu: Auto Zvlhčovače DC5V 260ML
  • Nový Pohár Zvlhčovač Vzduchu: LED Noční Světlo Zvlhčovač vzduchu

It lacks that very few things to this humidifier to be a good product. Opening the top lid to remove the essential oil is not easy to find or manipulate. And yet, losque happens there we fall on a circular wick almost invisible and very thin. To put essential oil in it, it is better to have a syringe! In addition, the drain of water droplets is strictly in the middle. Otherwise, they are not in contact with the essential oil. So this is not an essential oil diffuser. The humidifier function is far from effective, it is a small jet continuously or intermittently. In any case, it does not rise high and it is too negligible to moisten 20cm2. The game of light is nice. Ah, yes the length of the strands is 12cm which is not indicated. We do not say either if the Wick/cotton dedicated to receiving the essential oil is replaceable, washable or not... I'm thinking of sending them back.

  • 2 / 5

It's an article that works. Rather a gadget or a toy to entertain a child. The 2 functions humidifier and diffuser essential oils is a joke. Really disappointed. I'm returning both articles.

  • 2 / 5
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